Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Origami Rose Ball with Tutorial

Rose Ball by Judith Laing by emtysoe

Made with lots of pieces, 62 in total ! More of Judith's origami can be found here

To make the Rose Ball start with these size papers

Electra Modules 5cm sq x 30 units
Kawasaki Roses - 10cm sq x 12 units 
Traditional Lilies (leaves) - 6cm sq x 20 units

Starting with the Electra

Diagram Elactra - AC  by Roger N.origami
Diagram Elactra - AC , a photo by Roger N.origami on Flickr.
Diagrams for Rose and Lilies 


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Origami Gift Box & Bows

Origami Gift Box & Bows by emtysoe

Sorry I've not blogged in ages been busy, I found two lovely websites  and

I was tidying my office and found some "wooden" paper and decided to make the Box in a Box with matching gift bows.

Origami Gift Box Tutorial can be found here -

Bow Tutorial can be found here -

Origami Bows made from Folded Square Paper by emtysoe

The lovely people at Folded Square sent me some paper to teach the bow at the ICHF Hobby Craft show at the NEC.