Sunday, September 27, 2009 cupcake class

Woody with his cake we made at
Last weekend Woody & I went to Milton Keynes to meet Vicki ( and to have some fun decorating cupcakes we had a lovely few hours there and bought some stuff too.

We learnt how make the lovely butter icing swirls and even got to play with glitter & lusture and even hand coloured our fondant which did mean very colourful hands, mine were bright pink for a few days.

You can find out about the courses here
and hopefully there will be more advanced courses next year

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sackboy Cake

Sackboy is a cute character from a Playstation 3 game called Little Big Planet made by Media Molecule - (
My best mate Ben loves this game (he specially bought a PS3 & new TV so he could play this game) and I made this cake for his birthday.

I have a cake company local to me and I bought some Belgian Chocolate Paste - 2.5kg Ref: 01950 - and covered the cake with that 6mm thick !!

The cake itself is chocolate sponge using 50g to 1 egg ratio with cocoa powder some vanilla essence and some chocolate essence (from USA but available in Waitrose) and chocolate butter icing using the cocoa, vanilla & chocolate essence again.
there are a few skewers and chopsticks in him and I had to put the head on just before taking photo as it was too heavy for the body to cope!
The zip is black fondant with silver dusting paste hand sculpted

It tasted it very yummy as the fondant is like fudge !

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Will wanting to be as high as the clouds

I've not been feeling well and my new medications makes me very sleepy as in staying in bed/sofa until lunchtime!
I was really good today and made myself get up at 9am to take Will to Hatton. We got there nice and early and Will got to play on the new JCB ride for ages before anyone else arrived.

I love this photo of him wanting to reach the clouds :o)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mustang Cake based on a Mustang Transformer

I've been baking again!
I saw my husband's mustang transformer and thought it would be good to copy. A work mate is leaving and wanted to make a car cake (my first one) and I'm really pleased with it.
I hope they like it at work
*Update* My son saw the cake this morning and told me it didn't match so added the back red lights and the wing (more images on flickr)

The Cake was based on Mrs Beetons recipe for maderia cake
10 eggs
400g sugar (aster)
400g butter
500g SR Flour
a bit of baking powder
about 4 capfulls of vanilla essence
took just under an hour to bake at 150 though the other cake burnt I was using my new 12inch square tin that you divide up into various sizes these were 6 x 12 inches
Silverwood foldaway cake pan from Lakeland

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Burger Cake !

Will with burger cake
Originally uploaded by emtysoe
My friend was having a BBQ today and was trying to think of cool cake to make and decided on a burger as it was a BBQ.

It's made of 3 layers ........
bun - vanilla sponge with teddy bear brown icing
burger - chocolate sponge with chocolate flavour icing
with cheese, lettuce and tomato icing

stuck together with white chocolate butter icing and sesame seeds is white fudge icing - my husband did that bit :o)

took about 4 hours or so to make using the standard 1 egg to 50g of butter, flour & sugar. I added vanilla essence to all layers and added chocolate powder to the chocolate layer.

Made with help of Maude -

Monday, April 20, 2009

Maude the Cow Cookie

I've been following Maude on Twitter and she really makes my day. I'm saving up my moo points to get the baking kit and fuzzy felt though the offer runs out at end of May and I don;t think I can get through that much butter if you use Anchor and not collecting please can you send them to me :o)

Using the image of Maude on the packet I made this cookie, I'm not sure where Maude lives as I'd like to send it to her.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Origami Kryten

As Dave is bring back Red Dward I decided to try and find the origami kryten I made using a robot design in a Paul Jackson book.

This is a second model and the original was send to Robert Llewellyn - he sent me a postcard I think he liked it :o)

Monday, March 23, 2009

London Underground Tube Cake

I made this for my son's 4th Birthday. He loves the tube. Originally he wanted 10 carriages then decided on a tunnel.
My husband helped me with some of the detailing.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Woody with brownie

I forgot to take a photo of the brownies before eating them but did take one with Woody.
i've tried making brownies before a few years ago but they just cake out like chocolate cake.
I'm on a cooking course and we learnt how to make them last week. In the recipe it says to add nuts but Will didn't like them with nuts so I made mine with chocolate chunks but they just melted away.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

XBox 360 Cake

XBox 360 Cake
Originally uploaded by emtysoe

I'm still ill with chronic tension headaches (5 months now) and baking relaxes me. My team leader at work is leaving and she's a big xbox gamer so I made her this cake.