Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fit at 40 - beginning of my fitness journey

My fitness journey with the support of Panache Sport, Figleaves, Moma & Hello Fresh #supportwitheverystep

Over the next 12 weeks I'll be blogging about my fitness and getting healthy.

I'll take some measurements, photos and share later.

Looking forward to the next 12 weeks :)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Star Lord Cosplay - How to be like StarLord

So you want to be Star Lord ??

Depending on your budget you can go crazy and get the replica jacket and a Retro Sony Walkman or you can find similar items and make your own bits and bobs.

For USA Peeps - this website has a list of ideas -

** UPDATE **

Get the official soundtrack on Cassette

UK Monday 24th November from HMV (you can pre-order if bought with the DVD or Blu-Ray)

USA Friday 28th November - check here

Firstly we'll start the Jacket and go from there......

My Starlord Jacket (of sorts)

eBay leder-mass Starlord Jacket
I was lucky I found a burgundy faux leather jacket (New Look) on for £2.00 with £4.24 postage 

You can get a replica one from £44.99 for synthetic or £74.99 for leather
eBay Seller: leder-mass 

Thanks to Chocobo_sage for the image

People on the RPF forum have been getting one from FJackets which is currently $139.00 

As for the top, trousers, shoes, etc...

From what I can see most people are wearing black or combat type trousers. I got some black combat trousers from ASDA George for £12 (yes they're boys but they fit) and I wore a blue top but actually it should be a grey tshirt. 

I thought he wore boots but it looks like it's black shoes with brown half chaps. My calves are stupidly wide 43cm /16" so prob have to make mine as I also have short legs!

I've just got a standard metal belt from Primark (Men's) but I'll make a real buckle and it add so it looks like the real thing. There's 3D printer file here  or I've seen one you can get on Etsy

Some people have even made the rockets that go the boots they've used kids toy binoculars :)  

From TheRPF Forum


Sony Walkman TPS-L2 

As I'm sure you've already seen that a real one os mega pricey on eBay. So I made my own papercraft version I'm lucky that I'm a cardboard box designer and made it at work.  I used e flute in my design but you can use b flute.  I made mine so my mobile could fit inside (Samsung S5) the ear phone jack lines up nicely too.  You can fit an iphone 5 inside or even an mp3 player.   I saw on eBay a mini cassette MP3 Player which would be cute too

My papercraft Sony Walkman

My PDF and .dxf files are in this zip file

I used Stephen Herron's artwork 

Stephen Herron's Walkman

I did find HotMachete and IronFan on ThrRPF have made a slightly different ones

from TheRPF - HotMachete

from TheRPF - IronFan

Here's some more reference images I found via google , also click on here for a zip file of actual images of the walkman & headphones.  I'm sure there's loads more if you have time to scroll through TheRPF forums.  

From TheRPF - Walkman Logo
If you fancy making your own cassette another RPF member made this lovely label

from TheRPF - Awesome Mix Vol 1

Retro Headphones.....

Retro Headphones eBay Seller: YourSpares
My husband painted the sides silver and black to hide the serial number

The Gun aka Quad Blaster

I ordered mine online as there's not a Disney store near me it was about £24 with shipping (don't forget Quidco) so only got one.

Nerf Star Lord Quad Blaster from Disney Store

My husband removed the orange panels, sprayed them black and then dry brushed with Citadel/GamesWorkshop Chainmail paint to make it looked weathered.

Of course the Helmet...

I've not made mine yet but check TheRPF forum or Dali Lomo's YouTube for more info.... 

Dali Lomo's Blog Here's his PDF

Backpack / Sling Bag .....

I bought a cheap bag that looked similar to Starlord backpack this was £4.27 from eBay. I've seen some amazing handmade and modified ones on The RPF Forums.  Wish I had the time, skills and money :)

eBay Seller:Free-Go-Shopping £4.27


Baby Groot

I've pre-ordered Funko Pop! Dancing Baby Groot mine from Forbidden Planet but you can try PopInaBox, so while I wait I made myself a necklace using Jumping Clay is it's super light and dries in air. 

Plush Rocket Racoon (he's soo cute)

I got mine when I was at FACTs in Belgium.  Cost me €25. It's not available in the UK yet but try pre-ordering at PopinaBox or  Lair of the Octopus

The Orb

I'm still making mine - More info TheRPF     I bought the Silver spray from PoundLand and the Polystrene ball from HobbyCraft - pack of 5 60mm for £2 instore, online seems to be only 3 in a pack

 I'll update this blog with more information as I slowly make my cosplay :)
I've also started pinning stuff on my StarLord Pinterest Board

and of course the best Star Lord cosplay has to go to Its_Just_Koch

Saturday, April 19, 2014

British Origami Society Spring Convention 2014


British Origami Society 
Spring Convention 2014


After years of being out of the loop with the BOS conventions due to working weekends, I'm finally back and it was great seeing all my lovely origami friends and making new friends :)



I was very rusty at teaching Tavin's Turtle, though everyone enjoyed the class :)  I specially designed some paper with different designs and I'll upload the PDF file later.

I got to do quite a few classes. My first class, I made some waterbomb earrings with my friend Erica Thomson which I'll be giving away as 1st prize in my blog prize.


I folded Mark Kennedy's star in Kathy's class. Kathy made some lovely brooches for everyone and I asked for one to give away as 2nd prize on this blog. The brooch is made from this lovely paper that looks like metal. it's about 1.5 inch in size.

** If you would like to win the earrings (1st prize) or the brooch (2nd prize) just add a comment, facebook or tweet me **

Competition ends 31st May 2014

I taught my class just after lunch and then I got to go to Assia Brill's Curlicue presentation and class.  I love the simplicity of the design nd how many designs and shapes you can make.

You can buy the book on Amazon


My last class at the convention was the paper making classs with Jonathan Korejko.  I made 3 sheets of A5 paper, my little boy also joined in and made some paper too. The green paper has feathers and bits in it, the purple paper has origami words and the white paper has threads.

You can find more information on Jonathan's classes here

I won a lovely ceramic crane in the silent auction 

The next British Origami Convention with be in Bradford on 5th to 7th September 2014, hope to see you there.

Finally, here are some photos I took of the exhibition area and please visit the British Origami website to see more photos.

Assia's Curlicue

Love this Rose Ball

Butterflies made from various wrappers and labels


Toilet Paper Origami


Erica's Jewellery  - you can buy online

Saturday, July 27, 2013

15 years - Nicky - 22 May 1976 - 29 July 1998

•❤• Nicky •❤•

22 May 1976 - 29 July 1998

15 years 

All of us together unfortunately before digital cameras and Eve's head is missing!
(Not sure what date this was taken)

This is me & Nicky Sept 1995 at Glamorgan University one of the fancy LAN PC's that ran I-deas had a black & white web camera so took a photo of us both and telnet'd the photo :)


I can still remember where I was when I got the bad news.  I was on my way to work at the cinema and was on West Grove just outside Cardiff Uni Engineering Block in a phone box.  We'd made plans to meet up and go shopping that weekend, so I was calling to sort out when and where.  I thought it was odd when Nicky's Dad answered the phone as he should have been in work. It was the he told me Nicky had died, I don't the medical name but it's when the electrical pulse in your heart stops and the only way to get it back, is with a defibrillator which back then offices didn't have.

It hadn't really sunk in, I called my parents and told them, I didn't have anyone else's number memorised and my Dad called my friend's Mum. I remember continuing into town and buying an Eeyore from the Disney store before going to work.  I was still in a daze so they sent me home, that's when I got a page from Michelle. I didn't have a mobile phone back then just my trusty pager. We were all in shock, I spent the night crying in the shower.

The church was crammed full, Nicky knew so many people it was standing room only.  Oliver her boyfriend had composed a piece of music which was played (I have a copy on a CD but can't listen to it).  After saying our goodbyes we all went to the pub.
It was an odd day still didn't seem real, Dave gave me a lift back to Cardiff where went went 10 pin bowling and went to see a film.

I visited Nicky (and her parents) every weekend for ages as had no idea how to cope with losing a best friend. It was hard as our little circle of friends broke apart, I don't think anyone know what to do or say, as things would never be the same again.  We stay in touch but only get together on special occasions, we all miss Nicky.

It's hard to believe it's been 15 years already.  I often wonder what she would be doing now :)

Feel free to donate to BHF via my Just Giving site 


My Graduation December 1999 by Nicky's memorial tree